Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My son's 12th Birthday Cake!!

This is my son's birthday cake that my hubby and I made together!! Its not a recipe or a tutorial, I just wanted to show you what we did!! Because, I'm pretty proud of it!! This was a orange and vanilla 12 inch square 2 layer cake that I torted, and the top was coffee flavored 8 inch rounds that I torted. This took about a 6 days start to finish, I baked the cakes on Sunday and froze them, then I made the fondant on Tuesday. frosted, stacked, and covered in fondant on Wednesday. Thursday, Friday and Saturday we decorated..(party was on saturday)..whoo...A LOT of work!! My hubby who is very artistic did most of the detail work and I think it turned out awesome!! My son was very happy and now my daughter is trying to figure out what she wants for her Birthday in July...uh oh...I think we started something!!!!

I promise that as soon as I figure out the photography issues I'm having I will start posting more!! please be patient!!!!

All edible except the toothpicks holding the towers on, Oreo cookies and ice cream cones for the towers.

Does he look happy?? I think so!!!!!


  1. Very cool and so impressive. I am making a cake on Friday with a skateboard park on it...I will post pics next week. Hope it turns out as cool as yours!

  2. hello I am always amazd about the creativity of all amateur amrcian bakers !! congratulations !!
    I am Pierre a french foodie with a blog dedicated to creative french food ! come and visit me you are very welcome !! cheers Pierre from Paris

  3. What a super fun cake. You're certainly adventurous!

  4. Wow- that is incredible! I think you win the cake "battle" (no pun intended. :)

  5. A lot of love showing on that wonderful cake!I'd want a barbie princess castle too or something bigger than that if it was my birthday :) I love it! Really impressed! And I really like that big smile on your son's face...happy belated birthday to him!

  6. WHOA. um. i don't even know what to say. i'm totally speechless!

    wow this really puts my matcha cake to shame! tee hee. are you sure you should be asking ME about buttercream stuff?? lol! =)

    but yeah, i totally agree with the "crusty american buttercream comment!" ick! i hate that stuff. i only use SMB and IMB- so YES those are the tips for that kind of buttercream. it's sooo smooth and silky and delicious!

  7. oh no! i lied! upon further investigation, you're right. the paper towel method and the paint roller method only works on the gross buttercream, with the crust. =( dang.

    but i know for a fact that the bench scraper works on SMB and IMB. =)