Monday, December 14, 2009

no water!!!

I grew up here on the Beautiful Oregon coast, But I moved away when I was around 22 to a very different climate. We had snow in the winter and its freezes pretty much all winter. 13 years later, I moved back to the ocean air!!! It does not freeze here nearly as often as I'm used to...and I'm pretty sure that we always had water all winter!!!! Okay, so we didn't think anything of the freezing temperatures we were getting here back at our old hometown...well we should have!! So far we have been without water for 6 days!!! Our pump on our well is new pump today hopefully!! Needless to say, not to much activity in the kitchen this week!! I've been washing dishes in the sink with water that we pack in from our restaurant(which thank god we still have water there!!!) Its a limited amount each night so I try to keep the amount of dirty dishes to a minimum. Such bad timing!!! I need to get all my xmas treats made to give out soon!!!! Its so frustrating!! I will be posting new recipes soon I promise!!! I have fudge,cookies,quick breads, gingerbread, cheesecakes....all kinds of things intended..I guess we shall see how much I actually get done as soon as I have water again!!!! until then....:)Laura

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