Wednesday, December 2, 2009

xmas goodies!!

How fun to start this in December!! With all the christmas goodies that I make it should be easy to keep up with this first month!! The first recipe is Toffee!!mmm...yummy buttery toffee, covered in chocolate and peanuts, which you can use any kind of nuts you like or no nuts at all!!(which I do a lot!) I will tell you all now, my house does not like walnuts or pecans, so I won't be using those in any of my recipes. Although, I will try to remember to tell you when they are an option for those of you that do like them!!!! Now I did say that I liked easy, and this first recipe is easy BUT....drum roll...its a little time consuming and its kinda picky recipe, but its sooo worth it!! I promise!! This is something I make every year, although I do only make it in december and I forget about some things in between such a long time span!!! so I'm going to be completly honest and tell you all that it took me 3 times to get this right again, and I will tell what I did wrong so You won't!! First time, I did a stupid,stupid mistake and I turned it up to high heat instead of low heat...oops..then the second time I was using the wrong sized pan I think, it just didn't come to temp and by the time it did, it was a chewy butter separated mess!!! so the trick is use the right size pan!! and make sure your candy thermomiter is accurate!! which you can do by boiling some water and your thermomitor should read 212.

okay so heres the recipe.(see this pan...too big!!! I ended up using a sauce pan which was perfect shown on top!!)!!!..very easy and doesn't take to many ingredients!! yay!!!

1 cup Butter(this is the key ingredient!! must be, I repeat must be REAL butter!!!)
1 cup sugar
6 Tbs light corn syrup(ive used dark before and its fine)
1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup crushed nuts(any variety you like)

melt butter over low heat when completly melted, then add sugar and corn syrup,stir,stir,stir!!! if your using unsalted butter go ahead and ad a dash of salt, if its salted your good!!! now turn your heat to about medium but not any hotter than medium!!!!

this will take about 10 to 15 minutes, and yes you have to stand there and stir the whole time!! but its good stuff!! now bring this up to about 290, then pour onto cookie sheet covered in parchment paper or tinfoil, I've fallen in love with parchment paper, its amazing stuff!! bake some cookies on it and you will too!!....okay back to the yummy toffee your about to finish making...spread the very hot mixture onto your pan and spread it out a little with your wooden or heat proof spatula, then about a minute later pour your chocolate chips over evenly, come back to it in about 6 minutes and it should be melted then spread out evenly and sprinkle your nuts over the melted chocolate!! it will take a little while for your chocolate to set up, a couple hours at least, after it has break into pieces and enjoy!! I guarrantee you if you make this everyone will rave and want this recipe!! it really is that awesome!!

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  1. May be that Mother's are not the most unbiased judges, but this stuff truly R